You focus on driving the message...


and leave the parts and labor to us. 

With over a decade of local, national and international political production experience Narrative Creep is a potent collaborator, distilling two generations of filmmaking into a unique commercial genre. 


State & Local

Above all else



We employ a constellation of diverse production talents all focused on one goal – to support your ambitious productions safely and economically. We don't consider our talent above the line or below the line, we consider them above all else.
  • Proven experience in development, filmmaking and creative producing enable us to tailor political production solutions to your specific demands. 
  • Our award-winning Producing team’s professional film and TV experience ensure your creative team and production crew are in the safest hands in the business. All of our Producers are vetted professionals and trained first responders.
  • Our personal relationships with highly skilled DPs set us apart from others.

I/E & Advocacy 

We don't collect the trophies.


we help earn them